Selection groups & components

Hi Axure community,
we are currently thinking about moving to Axure in our company. So far I am very positive about the possibilities of the tool, but of course with all those options, there will be a lot of question.

I am currently creating an elements that needs those different states: hover, selected. I added a click interaction to set the selected state to “true” and plan to put each of those navigation links into one selection group (since only one can be active at a time). It is planed to create a component out of it, since it will be reused multiple times in the design.

Unfortunately when using components, the selection group is not behaving as expected, since I can set multiple elements to active at the same time. As an alternative I re-created the widget with the same behavior and just copy and pasted it (again put all in one selection group).

Funnily enough I also experienced the following:
In the attached test file I have now “copy & paste” (C&P) widgets and my components. When I click on a “C&P” it is set to selected. When I click on another one, this becomes selected and set the previously one back to its default state. When I now click on one of my components, this becomes selected…but also the C&P stays. As described every click on a new component, just switches to selected without toggling the state for the other ones. BUT: when I now click again on one of the C&P widgets, all the previously selected ones are set to default and only one stays. Why is that?

It would be really nice if someone could help me with that. I think especially the use of components and interactions is not so clear for me yet. At least I found out that “raised actions” are my best friends when using components in my designs :wink: component_selectiongroup.rp (56.6 KB)

Found it out myself. I was just missing the “isolate selection group” checkbox.

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would you be so kind to post the file with your solution? I would be interested in how you tell Axure that copies of the same component should be treated as different elements inside the same selection group.

Sure, here you are. I added the description inside the file. Hope it helps. component_selectiongroup_fixed.rp (126.1 KB)

On a side note:
This “problem” actually helped me to somehow solve another use case. I used the active “isolate selection group” in a scenario where I would need to have multiple components stay active at once. Imagine a navigation menu, where elements on the first level should still be set to active, when I select one on the second level.
Menu 1
Menu 2
– subMenu 2.1
– subMenu 2.2
Menu 3

In this scenario I would keep “isolate selection group” for “Menu 2”, and deselect the option for all the others. Meaning Menu 2 + 3 and subMenu 2.1 + 2.2 would toggle their active states whenever I click them.
The only thing I need to do now is, to add another interaction to set the “Set Selected/checked” to false for Menu 2, whenever I click on either Menu 1 or Menu 3. (here I would create a raised click event on the component itself, so I can add that interaction when the component is on the page)

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Thanks a lot. It worked.

In my case my component consists of several elements of which only one has a selected state. I simply forgot to put the respective widget inside the same selection group. Sometimes it’s that easy.