Selection/Preference Panes can't actually change fonts, sizes, colours

My install of Axure 8 Team Edition isn’t letting me click on any value in any pop-up/dropdown pane. Fonts, Font sizes, fill colours, border colours, stroke thickness. Anything where I need to click inside a pane the selection won’t take place. This has been constant for a week. I’ve restarted, reinstalled and I just can’t get my work done.
Please Help!

Hi Dylan!

We got your tweet and wanted to ping you here as well to try to get more information about the problem. To confirm, are you using a Windows or Mac machine, and what version of that OS are you running? Are you currently also on the latest build of Axure RP 8 (3388)? In the past we had seen some instances where the dropdowns in Axure RP 8 would “flicker” without allowing selections due to some compatibility issues with hardware or other apps; in the past for example, Spotify caused an odd conflict, and more recently interacting with dropdowns via a pen tablet also caused issues. Along that line of thought, do you happen to be interacting with the dropdowns using maybe a tablet device, or does this seem to happen specifically on an external monitor? Any additional info you can provide would help! And if this is urgent, go ahead and send an email over to and note the link to the forum thread and your tweet here; our team is able to respond to inquiries faster via email. Thank you!

Hi Alyssa,

So I’m using Axure RP 8 (3321) on a Windows 10 Enterprise machine. I played around a little bit more and notice that my dock is causing the flicker. If I reboot and use Axure undocked all the panes work just fine but as soon as I dock my laptop I lose functionality. Was any workaround ever found for the tablet/spotify issues?

Hi Dylan,

Thanks for that info! Sounds like you’re currently using a 4 year old build of RP 8; are you able to easily update in your current environment or do the updates need to go through a process to get installed? If you’re easily able to update I’d recommend doing so to get on to the latest RP 8 build. The Spotify and Tablet issues for popups not staying open have been fixed since then. Regarding the dock and the popup flicker, to confirm you’re docking your laptop onto a docking station as opposed to just connecting it to an external monitor, correct? If docking the laptop still causes the issue even on build 3388, then more information about the docking station and any hardware configurations specific to your work setup would help to file a bug report on our end. Hopefully you’re able to update (and it helps), but we’ll keep an eye out for more info!

Thanks Alyssa, that seems to work. I wasn’t aware the build was that old.

Great, I’m glad that the latest build helped! Hopefully that fully resolves it for you, but if you see any specific scenarios in which it seems to come back let us know and we can get the setup info and repro steps filed with QA for deeper investigation. :slight_smile:

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