Send data to another page - more than one info on global variables

Hello there,
After playing around with variables I got stuck.
In our prototype we have a board, where the user can save anything that has a star sign in our website to that board and it works fine. It’s basically like that: if the user decided to save(hit the star icon) things on lending criteria page but then go to documents page(from whatever route), it’s expected that whatever he saved on lending criteria will appear on the board on documents page and so on.

But, we would like to carry more than one info from page to page and I’m not sure how a global variable would do that. Any help is appreciated! thank you!

Hi @danie,

You could have 1 variable per star but it would be not easy to deal with it

Try this, for your case where you need to simulate save feature:
Star saving.rp (96.8 KB)

  1. Use a variable and store in it a symbol for each star (here a,b,c,d & e):

  2. On the Document page, on the widget you want to display or not, add an OnLoad interaction.
    Here I show it if the variable contains the good symbol:

  3. Do the same thing to your stars on Dashboard page, use an Onload interaction so the selected ones stay selected:

Hope it will help a bit

Thank you PierreJ!

Really helpful! I will try and see how it goes :slight_smile:
Thanks for taking the time to prototype it!

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You’re welcome,

Have fun prototyping :smile_cat:

=> By the way, if you have the right to share your prototype, you can post it in this forum when you have an issue.
It’s easier to debug when it’s possible to see the real issue


Hi there,

Unfortunately, I can’t share it this time.
But after spending a day at it and with your help I managed to prototype something real enough.

Wish I could share the final result…


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