Sequential Display in repeaters

Hello Boys,
I’m trying since a long time to figure how to display sequentially each items in a repeater one before the another, and i can’t figure any answers so far… I tried many tricks but i couldnt crack it yet, so if you guys had any input for me or even better if you already had the answer that would be great !

This is the goal id’like to reach:
(here made manually just to help to understand)

Thanks for your help !

Enable pagination on the repeater and set the page size to 1.

Or do you mean horizontally? There’s an option in the repeater properties to have it be horizontal instead of vertical.


Not sure that it’s what you are looking for but with the “Set Items per Page” you can display 1 item of the Repeater, then 2, then 3, …:
Sequential Repeater.rp (49.5 KB)

It looks like you “Exemple” without the slide up animation


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Hi PierreJ,
Thanks for your help! i finally came with this solution too, i’ve linked it to a Timer to get a smooth loading, but i still can’t figure how to get an “slideUp” animation for each elements.

RepeaterLoader_timer.rp (63.3 KB)

I would like to display each elements on a repeater one after another with an slideUp animation and not showing the whole repeater in once, i just can’t figure how to manage SlideIn animation in the repeaters…

Okay i’ve found a solution !

Global loop on the repeater wich is incrementing the main timer.
A loop in each item checking if it it’s time to be displayed.

Preview : Axure Cloud Redirect
Source : RepeaterLoader_V2.rp (60.1 KB)