Services & costs Repeater with different dynamic panels

Hello dear Axure Prototypers :slight_smile:

I am currently working on a very complex table. This is my first time using the repeater widget. I urgently need your help because I just don’t know how to solve this boy.

The users should be able to select several dates and select several services. When you click on “Save”, the selection is entered in the table / repeater.

Every month a new “service & costs-list” is published where new prices appear. I want the repeater to recognize this and to add a new line above the date with the corresponding service & costs-list (with external linked PDF). I tried to solve this with a dynamic panel, but it didn’t work.

Possible use cases can be:

  • I enter a date and one service and hit save
  • I enter a date and two services and hit save
  • I enter a date and three services and hit save
  • The same thing again with several dates

I’ve attached a .RP File and a screenshot of the desired solution. I really hope you help me with that.

servcies-and-costs.rp (210.5 KB)