Set character spacing based on text field

I’m trying to set the character spacing on a label based on a specific text field in my prototype. Basically, if the user enters 20 into the field, I would like to map that to the character spacing on the label. I’ve setup many prototypes that reference text fields in the past, but this seems a bit more complicated. I can’t seem to reference the text field in the Rich Text editor of the “Set Text” interaction.


There’s not a way to do this directly in Axure, but you can do it with a javascript call. You can sneak javascript into Axure using the link field in the Open Link in Current Window command. Note the code here assumes the label is called “myLabel”.

Live sample

File: letterspacing.rp (47.6 KB)


@josephxbrick – this is fantastic and exactly what I need. Thanks for your help!!