Set colour of widget with a variable

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I know there was a request for this a while ago, but I don’t suppose this functionality is on the horizon? I’m demoing a colour picker, so need to assign the colour of the pixel that a user clicks on to a variable, then set a colour of a widget to that variable.




There’s not a built-in method to find out what color a pixel is OnClick. It can be done with Javascript, however. This example works in Axure 8. I haven’t upgraded to 9, so I can’t test it there. (Let me know, anyone.)

It’s a bit of a pain to set up, as you’ll need to convert your image to base64 (a text format), but those instructions are in the file.

Live sample

File: colorpicker.rp (112.4 KB)

Disclaimer: I’ve tested this only in Chrome and Safari

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