Set font size via rich text?

I have a dp with three different states. Each state contains the same text, only the font size is different between the states. Via resizing the surrounding frame using “OnDrag” I change the state of the dp. This works fine.

Now my question: Is it possible to set the font size of the three states via variables inside the rich text editor? I would like to set the sizes via variables and then using the variables inside the rich text editor. Is this possible?

Hi urban,

It sounds like you would be interested in having variables set the value of your widget’s font size from within the rich text editor, so that a variable value of “9” has the font size set to “9”, for example. Is this correct?

Axure RP does not currently include a feature for a variable’s value to directly impact a widget’s font size from the rich text editor. However, I would be happy to file a feature request with our teams regarding this!

In the meantime, if you are interested in using variables to manage the size of your text’s font, global variables could be used in a slightly different way. You could make it so that when an event, such as an OnDrag event, occurs and the global variable equals “9”, a set text action fires, and sets the rich text of the target widget to have size 9 font styling. In this way, the font size is dependent on the variable, but the variable’s value is not used for choosing the size of the font within the rich text editor.

I hope this helps!

Hi Chelsea,

Thanks a lot for your reply.

Yes, your assumption of what I am looking for is absolutly right. A feature request sounds fine.

I will try your suggestion to work with the global variables.