Set pages menu in published projects to initially collapsed state?

I would like to present users of my published prototypes with an initially collapsed view of the auto generated pages menu. There seems to be no setting for that. How can I still accomplish this?

Hi @OliverW,

If you are referring to the prototype player and its different configurations, any changes that are made are reflected in the prototype URL. You can then share this URL and the configuration will be saved when viewing. I have included documentation that further explains this below:

Hopefully, that answers your question!

Hey @BenHoang_Axure, thank you for your reply.

Please take a look at this screenshot from my prototype player. I was refering to the pages navigation. We would really prefer to show this navigation in a collapsed view (as shown in the screenshot) initially. If this would invole adding parameters to the URL, that would be totally fine.

Thanks for that clarification @OliverW! I noticed the prototype URL does change when some items are collapsed. However, at the moment it looks like there isn’t a way to save this configuration and auto collapse the pages and folders tree menu. I can see how this can be a useful configuration and I have submitted a feature request on your behalf to have our product team review this. in the meantime, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at