Set panel state on thr next page

Hello, guys!
I’m aware of the power of your product every day facing it.

I’ve tried to embody your lesson about “Set panel state on the next page” in my own project (I’ve attached the Axure file below. So, when you tap on the “User name” button, you see the flyout menu with the current business account and big blue button “User profile”, list of available additional business accounts as well as the little “Add-ons” link and button “Sign out”. When you will tap on the User Profile button, indeed profile opens with the horizontal tab bar menu at the top of the screen. Among them, “Add-ons” exists. I need on the Home screen tap on the little “Add-ons” little link and switch to the Profile with “Add-ons” Dynamic Panel set up.

I’ve learned up your lesson carefully. But when I’m trying to repeat all of the steps on my own I’m facing with crucial unknown issues because nothing occurs.

I know that I’m not a professional and could make mistake. So, would you help me, please?
Thank you.

Wireframe_Profile_v02_20180611.rp (514.1 KB)

Hi ivikavik

The best (probably only) way to do this is to use a variable across pages. On the ‘add-ons’ link on the home page have an interaction something like…

“OnClick set the value of the variable varTabstate to ADDONS”

before changing the page to Profile. varTabstate is a variable I created.

Then on the Profile page - on the OnPageload interaction have something like…

“OnPageload if the value of varTabstate = ADDONS then set the panelstate of ProfileTabs to AddOns”

…which will switch it. File attached.

Wireframe_Profile_v02_20180611.rp (518.0 KB)

Thank you a lot, Mike!
I’ve tried this method earlier but maybe had some technical mistakes.

So, it’s great. Piece :v:t2: