Set panel state to another panel state doesn't work?

Hi there!

I am trying to change the panel state from panel 2 state 3 to panel 3 state 4, when someone clicks on a button. I tried different things, but the OnClick action does nothing. Does anyone know how I can make it work?
panel_state_question.rp (124.3 KB)

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Well for starters there’s no button in there so there’s nothing for anyone to click. You need to add a button and then you can add the Set Panel action to the OnClick event of the button.

Currently you have a bunch of Set Panel actions on the OnLoad event of the panel. That means that when the panel loads (when the page loads) it will do each on of those actions in order. The OnClick event of the panel means when someone clicks the panel, which isn’t what you want.

I think you might have a fundamental misunderstanding of how actions work in Axure, I’d suggest starting with some of the tutorials:

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