Set repeater item to selected on click of something outside of repeater

I have a repeater.

The repeater item is in a selection group.

On click of the repeater item, it sets it to selected and deselects the others - this is all good.

However, i need to be able to click something outside of the repeater…and set the specific repeater item to be selected.


on click: global variable = X. Set repeater item X to be selected.

Here’s one way you might do this. Add a column to your repeater that you’ll use as an ID. Now you can set your global variable to match the ID of a row. Add a case to the OnItemLoad event that checks if global variable equals [[Item.ID]] then set your widget to be selected.

The trick here is triggering the OnItemLoad event. You can add a useless filter (simply filter “true”) which will trigger the OnItemLoad case which will execute your case and if the global variable matches the ID column of one of the row you’ve got your item selected.

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For other people’s reference i’ve found that:

  • setting an on load even on the repeater item to check value of variable against text on itself…set itself to selected if true.
  • then on the item outside of the repeater - fire event ‘on load’ or repeater item, on click.

seems to work!

hows about something like this?

repeaterStuff.rp (56.3 KB)

The magic happens on the Square shape’s OnMove interaction. We’re not actually moving it… but we’re FIRING OnMove from the text box