Set selected/checked for checkbox, Onselected event runs twice!

Hey guys,

Please find attached. When i press button which would select the checkbox, the event of OnSelected of the checkbox would run twice. Probably because the checkbox would be selected first and then checked. How to prevent it?

checkbox.rp (46.7 KB)

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Really it is not important?!! Or i am stupid?
I want, when i check the checkbox, onselected event run just once, as expected.
This is really important for me, please help.

Wow…there is some really weird stuff going on.

I don’t work for Axure so I can’t comment on what the “F” is happening, but I think I was able to come up with a work-around for your specific problem: checkbox.rp (91.9 KB)

I added a lot more logic that you would think would already be handled by just using a check box but…