Set text in a repeater with values from another repeater (=> as in relational databases)

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i have a repeater A that also includes a column called “customer_id” and another repeater B (not in the same dynamic panel) that also has this “customer_id” column plus a “name” column.

What i want to achieve is use the customer_id from a row in A to select the name from repeater B. Much like the model of primary key and foreign key. Something like:

[[Item.customer_id == TargetItem.customer_id]] to identify the row. But how is it possible to access that “name” column then?

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This works, though the method is pretty goofball. (There is no lookup function for repeaters, unfortunately.)

Repeater A has a column called id, repeater B has columns id and name. The goal is to display the name in repeater A, say on a rectangle called “name.”

Create two global variables, v_id and v_name

On repeater B (the lookup table), apply this filter OnLoad (not OnItemLoad)

   Add filter [[ == v_id]] to This

Repeater B’s OnItemLoad:

   set variable v_name to [[]]

Repeater A’s OnItemLoad:

   set variable v_id to [[]]
   set ItemsPerPage of repeater B to Unlimitied  -- this simply forces re-evaluation of repeater B's filter, which will use the new value of v_id set above, causing repeater B to set the appropriate value of v_name
   set text on rectangle "name" to v_name

You could also have variables v_address, v_phone, etc, though I have no idea what performance will be like.

lookup_by_id.rp (49.6 KB)

Very clever Joseph!
Thanks a lot.

Hey Joseph,

this is the solution!
To be honest id have never reached that goal by myself - thanks a lot.
And as Phil already said, a very clever solution :wink:


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