Set the value of a field to match the chosen item in a repeater

I’m designing a task list with a repeater widget. In the last column of the repeater I have a ‘view’ button.

When this is clicked, I need a popup to display the fields that are pre-populated with the variables from the selected row.

The process is the user creates a list entry using a popup, then the repeater is updated with that data, then upon clicking the list entry I want a different popup to show that information in a read only fashion.

Hope I articulated this properly!

Any help on how I achieve this?

Hi @oldglorymatt,

If I understand well what you have for, I think that when clicking on the “view” icon, you should

  1. “Set text” on the fields in the popup that you want to populate with the value of the columns of your repeater (e.g. “Item.Column0” )

  2. “Show” the popup

Here a prototype (in Ax.9):
Repeater_and_dialog_details.rp (56.1 KB)

Hope it will help,