Set variable equal to hint text of a field?

Hi there,

I know it’s possible to set the value of a variable equal to the text in a Text Field widget. However, is it possible to set a variable equal to the hint text within a text field?

Reason being - I’m trying to create an Axure library and make it simple for designers to use floating labels. Ideally, anyone should be able to type a new Hint for a text field, and see the interaction. I’d imagine this would require passing that entered text from the Hint field into another rectangle that I’m designing.

Thanks for your help!


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Hi Jason,

It isn’t possible to reference the hint text information in an interaction (e.g. to set a variable value). But it’s a great feature request and I’m going to log this with our team to evaluate. Would it be feasible for now to try simulating the behavior of hint text in your project? Using either the text entered on the field or even an overlaying Label widget might help create that effect and provide the needed interactivity. Let me know if you have additional comments about this issue with respect to your project, though, and I can add them to this ticket as well. Thank you!

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I am also interested in this feature. I have need of it today but will have to work around it.

Trying to do the same. It was posted two years ago with new releases in between, so what is the status on this?

Hi TedKoch!

It’s looking like this is not currently a feature of Axure RP, but I’ll be sure to send a note along to our respective teams regarding folks’ continued interest in this functionality!

is it possible to set the hint text dynamically from another source? (e.g. on clicking a repeaters item the hint text of a text field outside that repeater will change)

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