Setting a Dynamic Panel State inside a component in the editor


I have created a “Menu Item” component which contains dynamic panel. The dynamic panel has two states (“Open” and “Closed”). Is it possible (in the editor) to have multiple copies of the component on a page, but have some of the components with the dynamic panel set to the “Open” state and some with the dynamic panel set to the “Closed” state?


Dynamic panels will default to having the first state shown. That is, the state that is highest in the outline pane.

If you are using a component that has a dynamic panel, then unfortunately, you won’t able to change the default state of only some instances unless you break those dynamic panels away from the component.

If you only have two configurations of this setup that you want to reuse, then you can try to have two components instead–one with the “Open” state first and one with “Closed” first.


Thanks for confirming my suspicions, but please consider this a feature request to have an “initial state” option in the editor for dynamic panels, that can somehow be set at the component level.

Component view states almost let you did this, but view states can’t be changed programmatically. Please consider allowing that, too.

Axure is at its most frustrating when it comes SO CLOSE to letting you follow DRY programming principles but then you hit a wall and have to start breaking away / detaching things.