Setting max field lengths on Axure RP 9

Hi, I’m trying to set the maxlength value on a Text Area widget to limit the character count. In earlier versions it was on the Properties tab, but this tab has been removed from 9 and I can’t find the functionality anywhere else. Is it still possible, and if so, how do you do it? Thanks!

It is hidden in the interactions tab…


Interesting, I don’t have that option!

It looks like Text Field has this property, but I’m looking for it on Text Area.

Is this a text field or a text area widget? It is only available for text field widget.

It’s the Text Area. I’m sure there used to be an option for this in earlier Axure versions!

Hmm, it doesn’t look like the text area widget had a “Max Limit” field in Axure RP 8 or 7, but the text field did. If you’d like to limit the number of characters that a user can type into a text area, then an OnTextChange interaction with a condition and Set Text action should handle it. For example:
The above would trigger the OnTextChange condition when the user types, and check if the length of the text input on the widget is greater than 5 (this can be changed to the value you’d like to set the limit to); if the condition is true, then it sets the string in the text area to be only 5 characters long. In action this would look like the 6th character getting deleted when you try to type it, and reverting to a 5 character string. Hopefully that helps!
Limit Text Area length.rp (43.7 KB)

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Aha, that should do it. Thanks!

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