Setting Predictive Search value on button click

Hi, I have created Predictive Search with a list of cities and a button “Localize me”. I want Predictive Search to be chosen as Warsaw city when someone clicks “Localize me”. I have done it by adding interaction to the button that says “Click or tap” - “Set text” - “Search Result to Warsaw” but it doesn’t work. (The same works for ordinary text field). How can I accomplish my task? Thank you!

Any advice, please? Here is the screenshot:


Pressing button “Zlokalizuj mnie” (“Localize me”) does not change “Wybierz miasto” (“Choose city”) to “Katowice”. It correctly sets “Ulica” (“Street”) to “Rynek 1” though. Predictive Search is standard one from the library and it contains this city (it is on the repeater list).

PS Never mind, I found the problem. I should have set it on Search Input rather than on Search Result :slight_smile: