Setting repeater row to selected on page load


I have a “simple” question I can’t seem to work out/find an answer to. Quite new with Axure…

I have a repeater on a page with a list of selectable items.
Depending on what is selected another dynamic panel change content.

I would like to have the top repeater item pre-selected on page load (and the corresponding panel change) but I can’t find anywhere to select a row on load.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

The interaction event you need to be looking at is Item Loaded on the Repeater control and you need to add a condition to the event in order to specifically target what row you want to select (otherwise the action will apply to all rows). I’ve attached an RP 10 file demonstrating different conditions that select both the row and individual cells.

Look at the “[[Item.index]] equals X” and the “[[Item.isFirst]] equals true” conditions especially.

Select Repeater Rows on Load.rp (50.5 KB)