Setting the a repeater filter within the OnClick Interaction event of the same repeater

HI, I am trying to remake the tree control using the repeater filters so I can control events at the level 3.

If you run the attached project and press the series of button to the right, you will see what I am trying to accomplish in getting the repeater to show various levels of the tree.

If I add the same logic of the “All” button to the repeater onClick event with a conditional (if text equals to “All”) and then perform the same commands as the All button, The Remove All filters works fine, but it will not apply the filter condition to itself.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong here?

Is there a work around or better way to do this?

TreeControlTest.rp (69.5 KB)

Hey Dave,

Instead of using “Item”, try using “TargetItem” in your functions when you try to apply a filter from within the repeater. Your function should look like this:

[[TargetItem.L1 == 'L1']]

That should allow you to get your functions to work. Hopefully that helps!


Some years later this note still helped me. Thanks

Even more years later, this solution still helped me. Thanks