Setting the interface

Hi! In Axure 8 interface was locked in 0;0. Is it possible to set the same interface in Axure 9? It’s very inconvenient.3628163b77

Hi Ester,

Thanks for posting! There currently isn’t a way to lock the canvas at (0,0) in Axure RP 9, however I have gone ahead and filed a feature request for this on your behalf so that our team may further review.

If you have any additional suggestions or features you would like to see in Axure RP 9, please write in with these to so we may pass along your feedback to the rest of our team.

Thank you!
Axure Customer Support

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Sorry, but this “solution” makes me angry. Nothing needs to be filled out anymore, this feature request has been around since the first beta for Axure 9 was released and back then some people complained about it. But after the feature request channel has been closed (which I still think is a shame) every user has to request it individually, so Axure can make it disappear into nirvana.
I’m just waiting for something better than Axure and then you lost me as a user after 12 years.

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