Setting up Axure - for different Device type (artboard)

Wondering if I can get an Question Answered here…
IOS - artboards are measured out in pts .
WEB - in PX
So wondering do I need to change the measurements pane in Axure - to the device type to ensure accurate measurements for device type that I am making. If so - where do I do this change. Can see that I can use the measurements panel for everything, when these devices have different measures used?

Hope someone can put me right on this.

Best: Daryl

No, everything in Axure is in pixels. You can change the DPI resolution but that really only changes the font sizes–all the images are converted to 72dpi PNG in the output HTML.

Best approach is to keep everything at the default 72 dpi and for the purposes of the prototype and design specification define 1 pt = 1 dp = 1 px and ensure your developers and visual designers know that. Align on common dimensions for your “prototype-target device” and adaptive views, such as a base viewport of 375x667 for all mobile devices.

Thanks MBC66 - really thought I would come unstuck if I did not ask this question and wondered how others tackled it.
thank you: Daryl

Do you know if there is also a video on this or website to read further?