SF (Font Family) icon not rendering on preview in Axure9


First of all congratulations on the new Axure 9 upgraded version from Axure 8.

Secondly, you made a lot of issues with the layout, all handy options under Style, Interaction are so tough to visualize as you have reduced the font size of the labels and no affordances and easily miss those options which are running stunningly fine in Axure 8. I see several new users saying Axure 9 upgrade is one of the Complicated software built and Axure’s popularity is decreasing.

Anyways, I just want to request you guys to bring back the look & feel of Axure 8 or at least increase the font size and darken the font color.

Coming to the issue, I added the SF (font-family) icon and SF(font-family) text. In Axure canvas, it is visible properly.

Text is rendering properly on preview but the icon is not visible.

Need help.