Shape Image fill feature is half baked

So i was experimenting with the Image fill feature.

What i did.

Added a Shape Widget
went to “Fill” and clicked on “Image”
Selected an Image from System

The image is shown zoomed-in.

The image should’ve been scaled down.

Whats worse is there are no controls to resize this background fill.

Tried the same thing i figma and it nicely scales down the image

Note: i don’t see this as a bug, this is how its made.

Hi SNaushadS,

For all shape, you can set the filling as “stretch to cover” (see screenshot below). But your Axure 9 interface look different from mine :thinking: Maybe I’ve miss an update… Anyway, could you share your file to see that in details ?

Thanks, this works. Should i call it usability or learning, not sure.

Probably setting it to “Strech to Contain” as default may help.

I was thinking “No repeat” to CSS background repeat properties…