Shapeshifting in Beta 9

In 8 and below you could change a shape by clicking the little circle in the upper right corner. Did we lose that in 9?

focus the shape object, click toolbar->plus icon->shapes opiton, choose other shape in the popup window.

Unfortunately, this solution doesn’t work for me.
Either I’m doing something wrong or it’s because I’m using Windows.

In any case it works:
Right mouse click on a selected object and click on “Select Shape…”.

I also miss this feature. The solution that rainbowboy suggested doesn’t work, but the right-click menu does…

Yup. Tried all of those - Right mouse click, etc. You can also use the new “Insert” and pick out whatever shape you want. Problem is, there are a number of things that became harder due to new features. In order to have the “Insert” we gave up the little circle for shapeshifting AND we gave up the one-step type in a shape. Now you have to double-click on the shape or hit enter in order to type. Time will tell if we’ll forget those features and just enjoy the new ones. Thanks for your input!!!

P.S. Sorry, Rainbow. I didn’t realize you meant the “Insert” when you said Plus. :relaxed:

Hi guys!

As fishmi222 mentioned, you can change the shape of a widget via right-click > “Select Shape”:

Agreed! That’s what I’m using. But I’m also getting used to the new Insert tool. It’s a game changer.

@abogatch What’s the new insert tool do and where do I find it?

The plus sign in a box. Click on it to see all the shape options.