Sharing Mobile Project with Client

Hello Everybody,

I’ve been using Axure for ages and I still love it. Usually I was designing for Web pages, where I can share link with my client so he can access the mockup design.

Lately I started designing mobile apps. I have downloaded app “Axure Cloud” which allow to see the my mockup on full screen, which is clean and easy.

Example from Axure Cloud:

Now the question… If I want to see the mockup I can access Axure Cloud from my account using my Login and Password, but how can I show it to client? Obviously I dont want to give him my login and passoword to Axure Cloud (But in fact that would be the easiest)

But in the same time I dont want him to go to browser and and put in the link as the “adress bar” in the browsers on mobile are big and ugly, and the app is looking awful, ending not full screen.

Axure link in Chrome browser on mobile

Can anyone help me with that? Is there anyway that Client would download “Axure Cloud” and access my mockup by using it?

Possible option that I know of is to send the client link to the prototype.

However note: Would they have same mobile device size just as you have designed on your system?
Most time the answer would be no.

Once the client open link in Chrome, they can Add to Home Screen, That way they can just open the app from the Icon created on the homescreen…

Something to also note: When the client “Add to Home Screen” make sure that have set your mobile app splash screen not to change after few seconds. Then can just click to enter app… This is because some client may be slow to add the Splash Screen to “Add to Home Screen”

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