Shift Horizontal Scroll Not Working

I know this was a bug in Ax8 but I was hoping they would fix it in Ax9. Normally, on a Mac if I hold the shift key down and scroll the page scrolls left to right horizontally. It used to work in Ax8, but they bought out a build and it was broken. So now it’s either broken or not going to be supported. Can you let me know which on it is?

Hi KavaKiwi,

You should be able to scroll horizontally holding down the [Shift] key, but it sounds like this isn’t working for you in either Axure RP 8 or Axure RP 9 Beta. Rather than being specific to a build, I believe the issue is specific to the mouse you are using, as we have an open bug report where using the Logitech MX Master Mouse, M525M G700s, and a few other models aren’t working for horizontal scroll in Axure RP. I’ll go ahead and escalate this with our designated teams to see if we could bump the priority on this one.

Yeah that sounds correct. Definitely sounds like the mouse. I understand that you’re all busy. Just knowing what the issue is, helps. So I can be patient if you don’t get to it right away. Anything you can do though is appreciated.

Hi Jane, any update on this issue? I have the same problem with my Logitech M280.

Hi amuroli!

It looks like our teams are still investigating the cause of this issue. However, I’ve gone ahead and added a note to the bug report to let our respective teams know about your experience.

THX, I really hope this issue can be fixed on RP 9.

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