Show and Hide Connectors

Is there a way to “Show” and “Hide” connectors on a button click? I am not able to select them for the Show/Hide interaction. Perhaps I’m just missing something.

I don’t think the connector lines were meant to be functional parts of a prototype. More just for flowcharts, where a box or snapshot widget could be interactive. You could request this as a new feature by emailing

Some potential workarounds…

  • Use line widgets instead of connectors. The endpoints won’t be sticky, so maintenance would be a pain, but you could easily group all the lines and hide/show the group.
  • Use a dynamic panel with two states. Select your entire flowchart/drawing and create dynamic panel from it. Duplicate State 1. Then either delete all connectors in State 2, or style them so they won’t be visible (0% opacity or color that matches background, like white.) change dp states to hide/show.