Show Dynamic Panel only the first time the page loads

Hi Axure Friends,
Is it possible to show a Dynamic Panel only the first time a page loads in the browser?
In my prototype on the home page, I have a welcome back panel that shows ‘on page loaded’ and then disappears after a set amount of time.
When I got to another page in the prototype and then navigate back to the home page I do not want the the welcome back panel to show. It should only show the first time the home page is loaded. Is this at all possible?
Many thanks for any help, it would be very much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hi there - should be fairly straightforward :slight_smile:

Create a global variable - say ‘varWelcomeshow’ - and give it a default value of 0

For the page in question have the OnPageLoad script go:


If value of varWelcomeshow = 0 then show [nameofwelcomepanel] and set value of variable varWelcomeshow = 1


Hide [nameofwelcomepanel]

The only way to transfer anything between pages is with global variables.

So if varWelcomeshow is 0 the panel shows - which is only on the first visit - otherwise it’s hidden. Good luck!

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Hi Mike,
Wow! thank you so much! you are a lifesaver, I really appreciate your kind help! This worked and you’ve made my day :slight_smile: I’m very new to variables and conditional logic. :slight_smile:

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