Show Dynamic Panel / Treat as Flyout Not Working With OnMouseEnter nor OnMouseHover Interactions

Hi, everyone.

I’m trying to replicate the prototype of a website (which I made on Axure 8 a few days ago) using the RP 9 Beta. I’ve encountered the following situation when trying to create a “Mega Menu” for the header.

I’ve set a navigation bar (made of 4 box widgets, horizontally aligned, next to each other). Below it, there are the options (submenu) which are inside of a dynamic panel with multiple states, initially hidden.

On Axure 8, I set the following Interaction to each Navbar item to show the corresponding submenu:


Show DynamicPanel bring to front Treat as Flyout
Set Dynamic Panel to State1.

The same interaction set does not work on RP 9 Beta. Nothing is shown upon hovering over the widget.

Also, I noticed there is an OnMouseHover interaction which I used, and in this case, it does show the DynamicPanel upon hovering over, however, the “flyout” effect is not consistent given that as soon as the pointer is “out” of the widget (navbar item) the DynamicPanel gets hidden.

By the way, what’s the main difference between OnMouseEnter and OnMouseHover?

Hi designerd!

It sounds like your OnMouseEnter/Hover events are not working in the 9 beta, but I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue from a quick test. I’ve attached an example file of what I have so far to replicate your setup - could you check to see if my file works for you? If so, could you post your .rp file here for me to take a closer look? Please also let me know the build of the 9 beta you’re running (e.g. 3621), as well as the browser you’re using to preview.

Last, the OnMouseEnter event occurs when the cursor is moved over a widget, while the OnMouseHover event occurs when the cursor hovers over a widget for one second. You can find a list of all events in Axure RP and what they do below:

OnMouseEnter.rp (64.8 KB)

Hi @Jane_Axure.

The setup on your file is pretty much the same thing I’m trying to achieve, however, it does not work on my file. The project I’m working on is private. Is it possible to send you the file via email for you to take a look?


Hi designerd,

Certainly! Please email the file to, and we can continue troubleshooting through there.

I’m think I’m having the same issue. I’m working on a menu with a dropdown where I’m using a label as the trigger to show a hidden dynamic panel treated as a flyout. It works as expected when previewing locally. The revealed panel is becoming hidden again when I mouse out of the panel.

The problem comes in when I upload the prototype to Axshare. On Axshare the panel is not staying visible when mousing out of the trigger label. :exploding_head: