Show/Hide a widget on selecting/deselecting checkboxes in Repeater

Here is the file that i am working on.
table-assign-rows.rp (72.7 KB)
(Please ignore the aesthetics and colours… currently just focusing on fixing the functionality.)

For reference, take a look at your gmail inbox for desktop view. I have a similar kind of interface.

Brief description of the problem:

  • I have a table with 10 rows of data and a checkbox at the start of the row, created through Repeater widget.

  • On selecting rows (by checkbox) I want to display an “Actions” widget at the top of the table.

The Actions widget will have…

  1. an icon at the start that will deselect all rows when it is clicked.
  2. a button, that will open up a popup when it is clicked.
  3. the popup will have a list of users, to whom the selected rows can be assigned to.
  4. on selecting the assignee and clicking submit am deleting the selected rows.

Help Needed
I need help for the below mentioned points.

  1. Need to display the Actions widget only after 2 or more rows are selected.
  2. After deselecting a selected checkbox, the Actions widget is disappearing. It should only disappear if all rows are deselected.
  3. If I click on the right side button of each row, the Actions widget is opening there but it is pushing the other rows below. I don’t want the below rows to the pushed. Instead, the widget should just overlap the other below rows.

Please help :slight_smile:

Hi @Axu,

Here a way to do it:
table-assign-rows_V2.rp (73.3 KB)

Unckeck the “Fit to Content in HTML” option on the repeater so the shown widget won’t change the height of the row:

Show if <=2
I created a counter with a Text field (input). When the text change on it, if it’s <=2 it shows the Actions widget, else it hides it.
PS: you can hide the counter, I let it displayed so you can see how it works

Hope it will help you,

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Thanks a lot @PierreJ

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