Show/Hide arrows of a carousel


I would like to hide the arrows of a carousel when it comes to the extreme left/right.

I explain: if my carousel contains 10 images et I can make them slide left with a left arrow and right with a right arrow, I would like to hide the right arrow when I get to the 10th image, and hide the left arrow when I display the first image.

I’ve used the following method:

  1. property onLoad on the left arrow
    if area of bloc1 is over area of bkgrd_Viewport Hide arrowLeft
    (where bloc1 is the first image of the slider and bkgrd_Viewport the background of the same slider

This one works

  1. Else if true Show arrowLeft

This one doesn’t.

Anyone would have an idea of how display the arrow again?


showHideArrows.rp (67.5 KB)

Set the arrow to hide and show as you click to slide through the images

Thanks for your answer but could you be more precise?

The arrows must only be hidden at a one and only condition.

That the carousel (group of images) displays:

  • the first image concerning the left arrow
  • the last image concerning the right arrow

Did you take that into account? Or I guess there’s something I don’t understand in your answer but can’t figure what.


I’ve published the example:

As you can see, the left arrow isn’t shown when the first image gets out of the view. Even if it has received the instruction: Else if true Show arrowLeft


Yes everything is taking into account,

Say for example you show image 1 when you slide left. You then hide arrow on the left side.

Same apply when you show the last image you then hide the last arrow, you don’t really conditions.

I don’t “show” image 1 like you say.

Image 1 is in a group, a group that is in a dynamic panel.

The property I use is: Move

Each time I click on the arrow, the x of the blocs group moves.

So it’s not about visibility.

This is why I use the condition “is over” or “is not over” area. The area being the background of the dynamic panel: bkgrd_Viewport

I guess that’s why we don’t understand each other. Saying “you show image 1” doesn’t seem to mean anything in this context.

Or there’s something I still haven’t understood.

Do not hesitate to edit the little file I’ve joined to my previous message if you need to prove me wrong.

Hi @nabert!

Since you’re using the OnLoad event to check and see whether the arrow should be hidden or not, it’s only checking one time, when the arrow first loads up onto the page. One way to fix this would be to trigger the OnLoad event manually. You can add another action to your OnMove, so that whenever the blocs move, it also fires OnLoad, and checks to see whether the arrow should be hidden or not.

Here’s the modified file: showHideArrows_modified.rp (67.7 KB)

Is this what you need?


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That’s great. Thanks!