Show-hide inconsistency and pinned panel blocking issue

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New to Axure and having a few issues with a mobile prototype I’m working on.

  1. What I’m trying to do is have Help text Show and Slide Up from the bottom on Got Focus on certain fields and Slide down on Lost Focus. Seems simple but the Password field is only working properly and Hiding the Help text when nothing is entered in the field. If I type in it and lose focus it doesn’t go away. Seems unnecessary but I tried adding a Case that Hides it when the field is Valid but that doesn’t do the trick either.

  2. My next issue is that I want that Help text to be sticky and pinned to the bottom. I’ve created a dynamic panel and pinned it. That panel is hidden most of the time and I have it placed under everything else in my layers, however, it seems to be blocking interactions with fields in that area. I’ve now set it up to Hide on Click (even though it’s already hidden) and if you click twice you can click into the field. But that’s obviously not how I want it to work in the prototype. I’m not sure why a hidden panel that’s behind everything else is blocking an interaction. But if there’s no way around that, is there a way to fake a double click that the user only clicks once?

  3. Once I’m able to get around the above issue and click into the Security answer field, that field is acting especially finicky. It was showing the Help text on focus. Now it’s not. Also It seems to only recognize losing focus if I click above it and is just generally not sticking to any consistent behavior.

I’m sharing a file I’ve been playing around with to troubleshoot. There are three pages with slightly different tests/interactions set up. Would greatly appreciate any help/advice!
Account set up_show-hide and pinned panel issues.rp (237.5 KB)



the best practice of this Help Text is to use different DP state to contain different help text panel, and all you need to do is to toggle the visibility of the DP, not the panel under each state. So by default the DP should be hidden, and the panels under each state should not be hidden.

I’ve also fixed some issues in Got Focus & Lost Focus, and it should be fine now.

Account set up_show-hide and pinned panel issues.rp (240.9 KB)

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