Show / hide iOS title - dynamic panel scroll issue

I’m trying to recreate the show / hide of the title in iOS as you scroll.

I’ve created a demo that achieves what I want, but the scroll performance is slow / stuttering / horrible. I guess because Axure is constantly looking for a Dynamic Panel scroll position all the time? However, a similar effect seems to work ok on Window scroll.


Am I doing something wrong? Is there a more performant way of achieving the same thing? Bear in mind I need to have a scrollable Dynamic Panel with the main content.


iOS-show-hide-title.rp (51.4 KB)

So I solved my own problem by laying out the screen in a different way (without a Dynamic Panel for the main content) and then using Window scroll instead of Widget scroll.

Using widget scroll = bad:

Using window scroll = good:

iOS-show-hide-title.rp (66.1 KB)