Show/Hiding an image based on location of a widget within another widget

Hi all! First post, how would I go about making the attached example work depending on the position of the circular widget within the line widget? I want to have a slider show the 4 images based on where the position of the circle on the slider, currently it’s working off the location of the slider on the page. (So at 400px long I want picture 1 to show between 0-100, picture 2 between 101-200 etc)

I can’t seem to work out how to set the circle to read it’s value based on where it is on the line…

Any help appreciated!

Test.rp (59.1 KB)

Hi @ssroke,

You should compare it to the beginning of you slider, so when you move all your component, it will work:
Test (2) - V2.rp (81.3 KB)

Hope it will help,

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