Show OnMouseEnter works only once


What am I doing wrong?

I have created a Group of a Heading title and a close button.
I want this heading to be hidden and appear on mouse over.

It works, but only once. When I mouse out, and mouse in again, nothing happens.

The close button would take me to another screen (that I had to remove for NDA reasons).

Thanks for all the ideas
The prototype is here:
And the rp file is attached.

bringToFront.rp (150.4 KB)

Hey there!

You have an extra show/hide event on the header text that hides the header text within the group:

Since there’s nothing that sets the visibility back to shown, it stays hidden even when the group is shown. That action is not necessary since the group hides it - so if you just take that out you’re good to go.

bringToFront.rp (150.4 KB)

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