Show Repeater OnClick in Text Box


I am implementing predictive text boxes. A user will begin typing and a drop down will
show of suggested answers. ( “T” will trigger the “Type” autosuggestions)mobile-June27-help.rp (280.8 KB)

The repeater drop down is currently set to work onTextChange. It will show when a user types the correct

I would like to show the repeater onClick - which would trigger the repeater to be shown before the user
starts typing.

Example user clicks into the text box and is shown a list of suggestions (no typing).

I cannot seem to get this to work, though other things will hide and show onClick, the auto repeater will not trigger.

Thank you.

Maybe something like this? I cleared out

mobile-June27-help.rp (248.2 KB)

  • I’m not hiding the repeater. I’m hiding the DP it’s in.
  • I’m not changing Items Per Page. I’m filtering.
  • I added a shape BEHIND the repeater when OnLoad its HEIGHT changes to 34px * VisibleItemCount then I FIRE OnLoad EVENT from other places to make sure its height changes as results filter. This is a clean way to add a drop shadow to a repeater dropdown without it looking like butt.
  • The filter is comparing the UPPERCASE textbox to the UPPERCASE repeater. This creates type-insensitivity which is crucial for filtering.

I started this dropdown from scratch so any Global Variable tie-in probably isn’t there anymore!

Hi @LBT,

You’ve got filters on the repeater that are set when the repeater loads… because there is no text in the box, the filter is filtering out all results. So I believe the repeater itself IS showing when you click the text box, but all the individual results are being filtered out until you start typing in the box.

Thank you very much for helping me out. This worked great, and is interesting to deconstruct.

Thank you for your input explaining this.

Thanks for the early morning exercise!

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