Show similar rows(similar data of a column) as a group in repeater



Hi All,

I am trying to create a repeater which shows rows as group which has similar values. but i am end up with messy UI. please check the attached Axure file for sample repeater and a image which represents the outcome.

is there any way to do this? please help me.

Thank you in advance.
Ravi.Repeater- with Group of rows.rp (251.9 KB)



Here’s a simple technique for arranging repeater rows into groups of like values. The first page of the prototype shows simply grouping like rows together. The second page allows for collapsing of grouped children, which isn’t as simple but extends on the technique shown on the first page.


File: grouped_repater.rp (91.4 KB)


@josephxbrick thank you very much for your help. it helped me a lot.

based on your suggestion i have updated my sample project with some changes as per my need. in my project(attached) i have compared “Source” Column with the text on group header widget and based on this i have shown a dynamic panel with states eachRepeater- with Group of rows.rp (106.8 KB)
for one group.

First group is working properly but last group header is repeating three times, i have tried to fix this in many ways but no luck.
can you please check the attached sample and help me if there is any way to fix this.

Thanks again for your help.