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Senior Project Prototype 1.rp (465.3 KB)
I’m building a mood tracker prototype for my senior project. The project is mainly going to focus on UX research but I need a functioning prototype for users to give feedback on. I’ve used axure a few time in various classes but never to this extent, and I’m currently trying to get the textbox entries on the Moods pages to then display on the summary page. I had read about using global variables and setting them to the input and then setting the box to display the variable, but it didn’t work so I’m wondering if I missed something or if there is another way to do it.

You should be able to go about this by applying a “Set Variable Value” on “Key Up” interaction on your text input fields on your Mood pages. This will allow you to set the value on each of your Global Variables to “Text on widget” > “This” (or the text on each of your input fields).

That way, each time the user enters a character in those fields, the global variables’ values will be set appropriately, and can be leveraged on other pages throughout your prototype.

Then, on your summary page, you’ll want to have an interaction that populates the text from those variables. For this, I might recommend a “Page Loaded” interaction to “Set Text” on whatever widgets you want to display the text. You would then set the text of those widgets to “value of a variable” (which would be one of the global variables you’re populating from your Moods pages.

Hope this helps. Happy prototyping!

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That worked, thank you!

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