Show widget in repeater without increasing the row size


I’m trying to show something (here, a tooltip) in the repeater row on mouseover, but when the tooltip is shown, the size of the repeater row grows to accommodate it. Live sample.

In Axure 8 there was a repeater option called “Fit to Content in HTML” that you could turn off. This prevented the row from growing in this situation. That option no longer exists for repeaters in Axure 9.

However, if you create a repeater in Axure 8, turn its “Fit to Content in HTML” setting OFF, and then open it in Axure 9, the repeater respects that setting; i.e., the row does not grow when the tooltip is shown. So clearly the setting still exists; there is just no longer any affordance in Axure for turning the setting on or off.

Is this intentional?

Hi josephxbrick,

Good question! This setting actually does exist in the 9 beta, though the placement is a little hidden. You can find the “Fit to Content in HTML” setting in the Style pane, under the Rotation field:

Hopefully this helps. :slight_smile:

Thanks Jane! I never would have found that in a million years. (Also, it’s very difficult to tell whether it’s on or off.)

Is there a reason it’s not with the other repeater options? It would be easier to find, plus that way it would have a label that says what it does:

Hi josephxbrick,

I agree it’s hard to find this setting (I had trouble myself), so I’ll be sure to pass this on to the design that that it’s a tricky change. I’ll also be sure to let them know that it’s hard to tell whether this setting is turned on or off, and that it would help if the setting was labeled. :slight_smile:

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