Showing a tree node as selected on mouse hover and click


I have a tree structure wherein I need to show a tree node as selected or highlighted (in form of some colour such as grey) on mouse hover or a click and remains in that state till I select any other tree node which then gets selected.
Kindly let me know how to do it.

Use Dynamic Panel set the node to hidden and show on mouse hover or onclick

the above is the on tree in which i want any node to be shown as selected (gray color) when i mouse hover on it

Please do share the .rp file. You may also use interaction to show a different color on hover.

Hi rahulzlpr,

You can change the “MouseOver” interaction style of your tree nodes by selecting one of them in the canvas and then scrolling down in the “Properties” tab of the “Inspector” pane to the “Interaction Styles” section:

This will allow you to select a specific style (color, font size, etc.) that will be applied to your tree nodes whenever they are moused over. If you’re not yet familiar with interaction styles, I’d recommend checking out this tutorial: