Simple rollover


Not sure why but I can’t get a simple rollover to work at the moment… I have a widget that I want invisible on page load then when you mouse over to be visible… Its not working at the moment I did work when I changed it to 2 states one hidden one not but only works once?

In the second one I’ve done panel states which is how I’ve done it in the past?

Any pointers, file attached.


rollover.rp (41.9 KB)

rollover.rp (53.1 KB)

Couldn’t you set your inner object to no fill and give it a rollover state, then set an “onMouseEnter” and “onMouseOut” selected true/false action? To have the object stay visible after moused over just delete the “OnMouseOut” action. Does this help?

rollover.rp (42.4 KB)


Thanks for the reply I eventually sorted this with the OnMouseEnter OnMouseOut with states…


Glad you were able to get it to work!
Happy prototyping.