Simple slider with variable numbers


I would like to create a slider with numbers that changes with the movement of the slider (from $0 to $100,000). I am not that good at maths and I don’t quite understand variables yet. Can someone help me?


Here’s a sample. Take a look and please ask any and all questions.

This leverages a bunch of local variables to work. I also put a hidden rectangle that specifies the maximum amount. Should you want to change the max amount, you can edit it by changing the value on “Max Amount”. You can also resize the width of the gray bar if you want to make it larger or smaller.
simpleSlider.rp (52.6 KB)

Thank you so much for answering this question, I have another similar one - where exactly are the variable values to change? Case in point, I have a very similar slider to make, but mine goes from 5k to 750k, and I cannot figure out how to adjust the function to handle this?

Hi Betty - take a look at the attached. I added a new variable for min value and updated the logic accordingly.

simpleSlider with Min and Max.rp (52.9 KB)

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