Simulated Search using repeater widget?

I’m trying to simulate a search of a repeater widget. I have a text field named searchField, a search button named searchButton and a repeater named searchResults with a Name column.

On click of searchButton I would like to filter searchResults to show only items whose item.Name equals (or even better contains) searchField.Text

Does anyone know the syntax for this? If I create a filter that is [[‘product’]] it will return all rows with the name ‘product’, but as soon as I try to put the searchField.text variable in, the filter returns no results. I’m not sure if I’m using the wrong syntax, or if this just isn’t possible.

Any thoughts would be most appreciated! I’d also love to hear of an alternative way to fake search. My backup plan is to just have the searchButton execute the same filter every time, regardless of the search term.


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this will search from the beginning. it is made for autocomplete.


Genius! That worked perfectly. Thank you so much!

Not working, but exactly what Im looking for… :confused: Where do you put the string, and what do you do with variables?

In this case it was ment as a autocomplete select. in your case you will not want to show the first result on focus but on typing.
autocomplete.rp (72.5 KB)

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This post might help as well:
Global Search Control

Hi Gregor

I am in trouble, need your help. Trying to accomplish filtering repeater (having two columns, id, label) on both of repeater columns using a single search field, not able to design query. Please help.

Hi Shira I have made attached RP file using yours. I want to filter on the basis of both the column values, how can i do it? How can i upload the RP

This post might help as well:
Global Search Control[/QUOTE]
linked-in-search-fixed - Copy (2).rp (69.5 KB)

Hi BABharatD,

I’m not sure if I completely understand how you want your filter to work, but I attached a version of your file where the results should filter based on either the continent name or the id number. I did this by adding the second filter for the Id column onto the end of the original string by using the “||” (or) operator.

The filter now reads:

[[item.Name.toLowerCase().indexOf(input.toLowerCase( )) >= 0 || item.Id.indexOf(input) >= 0]]

If you were envisioning something else, please let me know!
linked-in-search-fixed - Copy (2)_EDIT.rp (70.5 KB)

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i’m not sure if this has been answered here but i’m looking to display an auto-lookup as you type in the search based off the repeater data, so the more you type it hones in the repeater data and displays that specific result recommendation. Any help? :slight_smile:

Like how chrome works in the browser but only linking to referenced pages

Hi Brownie8888,

Check out this thread: Filtering a repeater on a subsrting

It contains a description and example of how you might implement a simulated autocomplete function. I hope it helps!


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I am trying to add the filter similar to Linked search, but something seems to be broken. Could anyone please help me.


Best Regards,

Hi Chetan,
You need to add local variable. Please check the attached RP file.
I hope it will be useful for you.
Wireframes_fixed.rp (85.4 KB)

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Thanks Vikram! This works :slight_smile:

But where do we add a local variable? I see that you have named the Search Box.

Hi Chetan,
You need to assign local variable(input) and value(Search Box). Please check the attached screenshot.


This helps man!

Thanks so much for your timely help. I am running on a tight deadline to finish off some features in this and your quick response helped.


I’m glad it helped! You’re very welcome


I have been able to makes work this if i have the search textbox in the same page than the repeater. But then, I did a master where i included the search textbox so the filter disappear and i don´t how to select this repeater from the master to add tis filter… I don´t know if it is a small thing or if it is more complicated…

Could anyone please help me…



Ok. I get it, putting an on raise method in the master. :slight_smile:

This works really well. I did however notice when I remove values via delete or have an empty field it doesn’t return the values. would this need to be on keypress or something else?

I actually figured this out by adding

Else If True
Show report_names_panel

So when I empty the field and its still focused it brings back the results