Simulated Search using repeater widget?



Hi Julie,

Works great I changed then names of the columns also to the following, [[item.Description.toLowerCase().indexOf(input.toLowerCase( )) >= 0 || item.Amount.indexOf(input) >= 0]]

I have added an extra column in my repeater and the search function isn’t finding items in this column (called code)

[[item.Name.toLowerCase().indexOf(input.toLowerCase( )) >= 0 || item.Amount.indexOf(input) >= 0]] ||| item.Code.indexOf(input) >= 0]]

I put together this thinking it would do the trick on the filter but no luck, also if it can search for lower case on all three columns is what i’m after.

Any ideas?




Hi Robarmes,

Based on your and Julie’s implementation, it does look as if that filter should work as described. One note, though, is to make sure to create a local variable for the Add Filter action. Here’s a screenshot:

If you had already created this local variable and the interaction doesn’t work still, please attach a copy of your RP file for us to look over. Thanks!


Hi Alex,

File attached currently the search is looking at the description or amount columns but not the code column, any help would be great!

Search_mock_up.rp (316.5 KB)


Hi! I took a look at your file and it looks like the following expression should work:

This will allow you to type either lowercase or capital letters for the Code column to filter your results. Hopefully that helps!



I’m trying to use the filter to make a dynamic search in my repeater. I have a search text field that give a value to my “search” global variable, a repeater with a “title” column, and I’m trying to understand the expressions in Axure…

Is there a guide for it ?
Because I used the filter “[[Item.Title.toLowerCase().indexOf(Search.toLowerCase()) == 0 && LVAR1 != “”]]” Onloaded on the repeater, but it’s not working. I don’t understand expressions, so I tried to modified the one I found here, but no luck :frowning:
The repeater is in a dynamic panel, and the search text is not in it. (Also, the dynamic panel is part of a master)

Please save me ! (and thank you)


There is a guide for it: Here I think

Check this file out for ideas (RP 9):
Search_Repeater.rp (119.3 KB)


Hello Vikram, can you please help me with a search bar an creating for a dictionary prototype