Single Interaction Triggering Others?

Hi, I’m a UX student currently working on a prototype for class. I’ll go ahead walk through the issue I’m having, and attach the file below.

Clicking on “The Travelers & The Sea” brings up a title card

Clicking on the arrow below the title brings up a dynamic panel with the story on it

Clicking on the ‘back’ arrow on the dynamic panel is supposed to hide the dynamic panel. I’m trying to get back to the title card that was right before it

Instead what happens is the rest of the title previews come falling down, and I have no idea why. The panel doesn’t get hidden. I’ve been pretty good at troubleshooting (been working with Axure for about 2 months now, this is the second project), but this is really stumping me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

AESOP-FABLES_working.rp (89.0 MB)


The issue is that it’s not the back button that is being clicked. Instead you are clicking “Tree HS,” the hotspot above “the tree & the axe” (and which is also above your back button).

Note that when you run your prototype in the browser and you have problems like this, go to the Console tab that Axure puts at the left side of your browser. It “traces” the code that gets run. This is how I noticed you were clicking on the hotspot and not on the back button.

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Thanks so much, this worked!