Sketch plugin for Axture

i’m new in Axure Forums. I explain you my problem.
I have installed sketch plugin for axure to import the screens aand animate tham with the interaction.
I have a question: why some elements that compose a page hasn’t imported in an axure page?
I have to set some things in Sketch? I try ti revolve myself the problem, but I don’t have a solution.


Hi! If you’re seeing that selecting items in Sketch and copying them via the plugin doesn’t paste them correctly in Axure RP then it may be that you’re running into a bug. If you’re able to post the file that has the elements that won’t paste then we can file a ticket with QA for further investigation. If you’d rather share the file privately instead of on the forums then feel free to email it to us directly at with a link to this thread so that we can take a look. Thank you!

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