Sketch to Axure Cloud fails - FIXED

I’m testing this out… with a licensed version of Axure RP 9 and the latest version of Sketch.
I installed the plugin for the Axure Cloud app and the plugin on Sketch for Axure-sketch plugin.

WHen I select a simple artboard with a square on it and click Plugins>export to Axure’…
… it opens the Axure cloud app on my Mac pops a dialog about workspace. project etc. - but the downloader progress bar shows that the file upload fails immediately!
Is this a known bug… or what going on??

I need to test this works as we are making a team decision as to which cloud vendor to go with to host our files and prototypes… so far it’s been frustrating…

Hi @Bman, thanks for reaching out about this issue! Would you be able to email about this so that we can help you troubleshoot this issue?

If possible, please also attach your Axure Cloud desktop app logs in your email. You can find those logs by opening the Finder window, following the menu path “Go > Go to Folder” (in the Apple menu bar at the top of your screen), and then pasting the file path below into the field in the dialog that appears:

~/Library/Logs/Axure Cloud

Thank you!

Thanks for the quick response… I really want this to work as the ability to embedd prototypes and specs into Confluence or Jiras will be awesome!
Email incoming…

I am having the same problem

I searched and there doesn’t appear to be any log files for axure on my mac…
Cmd+Shift+. to enable hidden files… and nothing…

SUCCESS! I updated my MacOS to Catalina from Mojave and then tried again – Axure Cloud said there was an update – so I updated the cloud app – and Success! Sketch now opens properly in Axure cloud!
Looking good!