Slider count in 5 increments;

I would like my slider to count increments of a five count with percent
“5%”," 10%", “15%” “20%”

The file called “working” is close to what I want, but when I try to change the number
the values will not post to the dynamic panel.

I’d appreciate any help! Thank you

brokenslider.rp (84.6 KB)
working.rp (84.8 KB)


I really like your slider and will copy this for usability ratings questionnaires in my prototypes.

The quick fix for your problem is to change the name of your dynamic panel states to match your “slider increments”. See Page 1 of the updated file below.

A better fix is to get rid of your dynamic panel used to track the slider position. You only need one widget (or global variable) to track this. If you have a dynamic panel with multiple states then you have to change the text values of the rectangles in each state and/or add/remove states whenever you want to change or reuse your slider. So, rather than changing states, just update the text on a single widget. This also means that whatever text is on your increment (“1” or “5” or “5%” or “Very Poor”) will automatically be reflected on your tracker. I removed the settings for OnLoadVariable since that is not needed (but if you plan to track this value across pages you can add it back in.) Also, you might have noticed if you slide your handle all the way to the left or right it will move off the slider area and can get stuck out there, breaking your slider. Better to use the OnMove boundaries to set the limits for your slider handle. See Page 2 for an example.

Going further, I noticed that you replicate all your slider increment widgets (5, 10, 15, etc.) in the “fill” panel so they show up white on the green background. Likewise, whenever you need to update or reuse this slider you’ll have to remember to change all those values as well. (Case in point, you were missing two of these, so ‘5’ and ‘10’ disappear when slider all the way to left.) So, I updated to have only one set of slider increments. When the slider moves it resizes the width of the fill dynamic panel, which is nice. I used that panel’s OnResize event to set the increment widgets to selected/deselected, and created a selected style with a white font color. See Page 3.

fixedslider.rp (162.3 KB)

Thank you for that epic reply and detailed explanation!
This solution is just what I was looking for and is much more straightforward.
I can’t take credit for the other slider. I found it in one of the Axure forums and tried to modify it.
Axure has the BEST community.
Thanks again